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Student with Down syndrome asks: #HowDoYouSeeMe?

Student with Down syndrome asks: #HowDoYouSeeMe?

CoorDown, Italy’s National organisation for people with Down Syndrome, just launched a new campaign for World Down Syndrome Day which is held on Monday 21st March. In the campaign video Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde Until is visible for the first 1:30. She is narrated by 19 year old AnnaRose Rubright, a college student with Down syndrome.

Rubright asks: “I see myself as an ordinary person with an important meaningful beautiful life. This is how I see myself. How do you see me?”


The metaphor is aimed to ignite a conversation around how those living with down syndrome see themselves and how they are sometimes disadvantaged when people pre-judge them based on their condition. People with down syndrome are often victims of discrimination, and even more than what is said about them, the way other people look at them is a common indicator of this type of prejudice.

See the behind-the-scenes photo album here.
The campaign also includes the hashtag, #HowDoYouSeeMe.

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