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Suicide attempt survivors answer questions you’d never ask in person

Suicide attempt survivors answer questions you’d never ask in person

Actually, this is not a psa but an advertisement for You Can’t Ask That, a much discussed program from the Australian network ABC TV. This edition is incredibly well cut and might just be an awareness campaign about suicide.

Suicide is a difficult subject to discuss, and that is exactly the format of the TV show. ABC TV asked suicide attempt survivors the awkward or uncomfortable questions you and me always wanted to know the answers to, but never had the guts to ask. Based on the 2:29 the result is raw, honest, challenging and even funny.

Unfortunately the entire ABC TV program is viewable in Australia only due to licensing agreements. Hopefully other TV stations or suicide prevention groups will pick up this idea.

The broadcast is also much discussed on Facebook and Twitter.

One of the survivors in the broadcast is Bill Stockman. A shooting accident when he was a teenager triggered a mental illness that lasted three decades. He has now turned his life around, and wants to help other men in rural areas do the same. Read his story here or listen this:


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