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Suits as “tactical camouflage” for Wall St.

Suits as “tactical camouflage” for Wall St.

Noah Scalin shared an interesting link from a group calling itself the Proper Business Attire Working Group. They are raising money, and collecting businesswear donations, to help Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to confuse authorities by blending in with the locals.


Their concept:

“We all look great in suits. To reporters, to workers, to skeptical tourists, we’ll look like people to listen to, or, at the very least, to hear out. Lazy journalists won’t be able to take the easy, dismissive out, and will have to actually listen to what we are saying. The conversation will grow out of the protester echo chamber and into the wider world, where it belongs.

Suits are camouflage in the warrens of Wall Street. And there are other advantages. Need a bathroom? Try wearing a suit. It’s easy. Want to walk past a police barricade? Put on a suit.

You can help us realize this vision with your donations. Twenty dollars will put a protester in a crisp thrift store suit. Or, mail us a nice suit you’re not using anymore. If you got a job, mail us your interview suit. It’s free if you mail it from work. Extra suits and late deliveries will be donated to Threads for Success, an innovative New York City program that dresses young people in the justice system for court appearances and job interviews.”

I have long joked that if I were ever down and out, the first thing I’d do is scrape together enough cash to buy a thrift store suit, then I’d crash at least one convention, reception or junket per day (as Ottawa hosts dozens). So you can imagine how much I love this bit of subversion based on cultural prejudices.


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