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Mother’s Day get added value with these superheroes

Mother’s Day get added value with these superheroes

It is difficult to suppress your tears at this campaign video made for Mother’s Day. And that’s okay. The video comes from Vroom, a newly-launched brain building initiative developed in partnership with the Bezos Family Foundation. They expand the concept of Mother’s Day by putting the light on all kind of caregivers of children. The did it for everyone who’s ever done the extraordinary things to help children learn and reach their full potential, and answers the question of #WhatMakesASuperhero?

The film comes at a time where in many families, the role of caregiver isn’t filled by a mom at all. Single dads, grandparents, aunts and other caring adults all play the important role of superhero when a child needs them most.

Jackie Bezos, founder and CEO of the Bezos Family Foundation:

This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate all the people who look after us. To remind them that parenting is a job for superheroes — like them.

To make the film, agency Johannes Leonardo (JL) recorded kids talking about their unconventional caregiver and how important they are to them, and the kids also made drawings of their caregivers. JL then used the drawings to create animations, turning the caregivers into superheroes. The caregivers were brought back later for an interview and were shown the “reveal,” the mini-documentary of their child drawing, and how the animation came to life – proving that in their child’s eyes, they are superheroes. That no matter their insecurities, no matter what pitfalls they see in themselves, they’re nothing short of amazing.

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