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Swipe and unlock endangered species together with the WWF

Swipe and unlock endangered species together with the WWF


Most smartphone and tablet apps used for campaigns aren’t very successful. And that is understandable. Why would you have an app that you can use only a short time for a single cause?
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) understands that and is doing it a lot better with the just launched WWF Together app for iPad.
It’s a combination of learning, sharing, interactivity and playing. Perfect for use at school.
The app managed over 100,000 downloads in its launch weekend.

WWF Together incorporates playful, interactive elements to unfold the stories of eight animal portraits, with new species to be added regularly. Each animal portrait includes editorial content, high-definition videos, photography, unusual facts, and downloadable origami folding instructions. By completing the individual animal stories, social media and email functionality is unlocked as animated origami videos that can be shared with friends.

Terry Macko, WWF’s Senior VP of Communications and Marketing: “The WWF Together app is about how we must all work together to save the world’s most magnificent species. With a quarter of all Americans owning tablets, this is the next step in advancing our use of digital technology to engage, educate and entertain all generations on the importance of conserving the diversity of life on our planet.”

The app is made for the American market but is available in most App Stores worldwide. Making the app available in other languages and for the Android platform must be the next step.


Additionally, the iPad’s location-based services give users the chance to spin an interactive, 3D globe and discover how far away they are from 60 different species around the world.


World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Additional credits:
WWF Together was designed and developed by AKQA, with animal portraits by renowned environmental photographer Morten Koldby.

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