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Swiping blood on the iPad

Swiping blood on the iPad

Almost similar to the previous post, the iPad ad from Amnesty International Germany. This ad from the Austrian VGT (Association Combating Animal Factories) can’t be swiped away either.

Swiping results in blood traces on the fur in this fake fur ad.
The text “27 foxes had to die in agony for this fur coat.” appear after several swipes at the bottom of the ad.

The ad was published in the iPad app December 2010 edition of Datum, an Austrian monthly magazine.

VGT (Association Combating Animal Factories)
Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna, Austria
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Franz Merlicek
Art Director: Roman Steiner
Copywriter: Arno Reisenbüchler
Digital Cross Media: Andreas Wochenalt
Digital Producer: codewort publishing
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