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Swiss referendum amusingly dramatized in miniature

Swiss referendum amusingly dramatized in miniature

What I know about this new campaign from Switzerland that it is made for the VPOD (Swiss Association of Public Service Staff) for the upcoming referendum about the proposed tax reform in the country.

On international pressure the country has to abolish tax privileges for globally operating companies based in Switzerland. With new legislation (named USR III), the government is trying to preserve tax benefits for international corporations. The estimated tax losses already amount to 3 billion Swiss francs per year. With the billions that would be lost due to the tax cuts, the care sector, education and the police would be particularly affected.
And that is made clear in a very humorous film.

More information here at the dedicated campaign website entitled Hier Wird’s Eng (It’ will be cramped here).

Agency: Spinas Civil Voices

The key image used for the campaign:

VPOD USR III Hier Wierd's Eng

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