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Tell her she’s pretty… brilliant – #InspireHerMind

Tell her she’s pretty… brilliant – #InspireHerMind

This is the first post from Oriana Lauria, our blog friend at Clicktivist. It’s the hub to discuss and dissect the successes, failures, and practices of online activism.

Tell her she’s pretty… brilliant - #InspireHerMind

Women make up half of the workforce in the US, but only less than 25% of STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engeneering and Math).

Fingers are usually pointed at companies, for not providing equal gender opportunities, or at women themselves, for not pursuing science degrees.

This powerful ad from Verizon and Makers tells a different story, showing how parents could unintentionally discourage science interest in girls, and asking them to #InspireHerMind.

The campaign draws on a research study that shows a significant drop-off in women interested in STEM subjects between childhood and adulthood. The dedicated website provides facts to share, resources for children, real life stories to listen to and a range of activities to support, like the Girls Who Code Club.

Also, try and swipe the small arrow on the website header to see ‘How dress-up determines her future’.

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