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Thank God – Condoms Protect

Thank God – Condoms Protect


Jugend Gegen Aids made this amazing online project with Crying Mary. She shed a tear every time someone like the facebook Page of of the German NGO.
It is a message for the Catholic Church who refuses to give up it’s opposition to condom use.
Check the Facebook Page with a live stream showing Virgin Mary.
See how it works in the video below.

Every year about 2 million human lives are lost to the effects of AIDS, and the number of newly infected people is even higher. The simplest way to protect yourself from infection is to use condoms.


Jugend Gegen Aids
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Oliver Drost, Christian Thron
Projectmanager: Steffen Esders, Benjamin Fischer, Sophia Boddin
Art Director: Burkhard Müller
Copywriter: Svenja Eggers, Nils Kock, Sebastian Peters
Designer: Robin Janitz, Monika Weryha
Motion-Designer: Markus Haken, Axel Rudolph
Programmerer: Jannick Garthen
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