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That’s Malarious

That’s Malarious

Celebrities have been spent countless hours promoting causes they care about. From Angelina Jolie and UNHCR to George Clooney in Darfur – most have tried to dignify the role of being a spokesperson and ambassador for a great humanitarian cause.  But who says the messenger’s dignity is crucial in campaigning against Malaria? College Humor sure does not, nor do the more than thirty actors that have no qualms about performing stupid tricks. The menu pictured below shows images from the 24 videos that can be purchased to help stamp out those pesky mosquitos that cause Malaria.


Hoping that the incentive to see actors act like fools will compel people to donate, CollegeHumor offers a gift that keeps giving: humor + good cause.  Starting with a $1 donation you can have both!  Watch the trailer below.

According to the website “We here at CollegeHumor hate malaria. We wanted to do something about it. So we got our celebrity friends to make some ridiculous videos. You can watch them by making a small contribution to Malaria No More. Every contribution treats a child for Malaria. Come on. You can do this. Last month, you bought an automatic toothbrush for $50 that you still haven’t bothered to set up. Buy Malarious, and you’ll get to see Elizabeth Banks get pied in the face. Is that a good deal or what?”

I think its a pretty good deal… and I think this kind of creativity and innovation and it might actually be a campaign that gets a couch-potato to become a clicktivist… a step up for sure.


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