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The Adventures of Salwa: against sexual harassment in Lebanon

The Adventures of Salwa: against sexual harassment in Lebanon

Nice action from Beirout, Lebanon.
Between Friday 2nd and 9th of December 2011, 2 sound trucks moved around Lebanon voicing out a message against sexual harassment. Not the regular shouts, they used the usual intimidating texts of men but in reverse meaning. Men were targeted.
The action was done by The Adventures of Salwa.

From their website (which is very informative, information is available in various languages):

Salwa is an ordinary Lebanese girl that has been selected to be the spokeswoman for the campaign launched by a group of young feminists to combat sexual harassment.
Salwa and her sisters felt that the physical sexual harassment and the verbal abuse have reached a certain point that can no longer be tolerated in all the streams of the Lebanese society, being in the streets, transportation, workplace, schools and homes.
therefore, they decided to launch this campaign to say to women who have been subjected to harassment, that the first step to combat it, is to break the taboo and start talking about it.
Salwa also decided to prove that she can take over the reins on their own using her bag with supernatural powers!

Bag with supernatural powers? See their previous video after the break.

The next action is on Saturday, 14 January 2012: Revolt against Rape.
Salwa on Twitter.

Hat tip to Mariam Fadlouallah Ricci.


The Adventures of Salwa

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