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The (almost) naked truth about Swiss uniforms

The (almost) naked truth about Swiss uniforms

The people from Swiss agency Spinas Civil Voices have sense of humor. They showed in the campaigns from Solidar Suisse here and here with George Clooney.

Now they did it again for the Swiss NGO Erklärung von Bern (EvB / Berne Declaration): Die (fast) nackte Wahrheit über Schweizer Uniformen.
The key characters in their video, all officers, are almost naked. A paramedic, a police women and a train conducteur would rather go naked than wear a uniform that was produced under exploitative conditions.

Erklärung von Bern want to make people aware that the working conditions for making Swiss workwear – mostly produced abroad in Macedonia – are very bad. All EvB ask is fair trade workwear.

The organization asks the viewers to sign the online petition meant for the Swiss government. Because it is about tax money.


The French version: “La vérité (presque) nue sur les uniformes suisses”.

Erklärung von Bern
Spinas Civil Voices
Additional credits:
Creative director: Lorenz Spinas
Concept/Art director: Steph Huwiler
Concept/Copy: Tom Malecha
Consultation: Sarah Bertschinger
Video: direction and production: Alexander Meier

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