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The Amnesty Pictures

The Amnesty Pictures


Three good ads from Amnistia Internacional Portugal.
Mixed message maybe. Apparently Amnesty is doing the same as the political police.
It isn’t. Amnesty publish pictures for making human rights violations public.

“These photos exist thanks to organizations like the Political Police.”
“These ones, thanks to organizations like Amnesty International.”

According to the creative credits there must a video fro this campaign too. I didn’t found it yet.



Amnistia Internacional Portugal
Fuel, Lisbon, Portugal / EuroRSCG, Portugal
Additional credits:
Creative Directors: Marcelo Lourenço, Pedro Bexiga
Tv Producers: Miguel Barbosa, Pedro Silva
Photographer: João Pina
Account Managers: Sérgio Resende, Joana Gomes Pedro
Approval: Pedro Krupenski, Irene Rodrigues
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