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The Atom vs. The Eves (nudity)

The Atom vs. The Eves (nudity)

Having made it into the mainstream consciousness through their topless protests against sex tourism, “old-boy” Ukrainian politics, and sexism in general, FEMEN have identified a new enemy: Nuclear power.


The women trucked out to the perimeter of the Chernobyl exclusion zone to stage a protest against what they see as the deadliness of nuclear power plants — comparing the devastating effects of the 1986 disaster in their homeland (64 direct deaths so far, with future estimates ranging from 4,000 – 200,000) with the Fukushima I nuclear accidents that happened as a result of this year’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

While most FEMEN operations are captured in a DIY style for their Vimeo channel, this protest was professionally filmed and edited. The result is perhaps FEMEN’s first “real” PSA. It’s quite artsy, and a little long, but it’s great to see their cause and methods treated with such earnest gravity:

They later took the protest back to Kiev, where a more typical protest involving police engagement lead to several arrests.


FEMEN, Alain Margot and Olivier Kohler
FEMEN Facebook Page

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