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The barrier is sometimes just a book

The barrier is sometimes just a book


A new campaign from the Turkish Engelleri Kaldır.
A book is placed on popular bookstores’ best sellers shelves. The customers will then open the book only to find a complety blank book. Engelleri Kaldır’s message which is placed on the side cover stating the lack of book and also on bookmarks:

“The barrier is sometimes just a book. In Turkey, the ratio of books specifically published for blind people is strikingly low. Are you aware?”

Engelleri Kaldır is the ‘Removing barriers movement’ (RBM), a worldwide Istanbul based movement of people who campaign for human rights. The main goal of the RBM is to end all obstacles that violate internationally recognized human rights by creating projects/strategies that bring awareness and concrete solutions.
27% of the population who are visually impared are having trouble attending social and cultural activities. 26% of the population are having trouble finding publications with braile and vocal support.

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Engelleri Kaldır
McCann Erickson Istanbul, Turkey
Additional credits:
Creative Directors: Oktar Akın, Hakan Yegen
Art Director: Fırat Yıldız
Copywriter: Deniz Tan
Account Supervisor: Yağmur Erengül

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