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The best anti-bullying film this year is made by students

The best anti-bullying film this year is made by students

Everything is right is this anti- bullying short film from England. The acting, editing, music, rhythm and the story. Surprisingly, this short film has an unusual length of more than three minutes. And it is made by students from the 7 and 8 year class from the Bedford High School in Leigh. (Admittedly they have had a little help from the digital design agency North Star Digital). It was a project for Anti-Bullying Week 2015.

The film is about Holly. She talks about the loneliness, fear and helplessness she feels. She speaks about how she feels she has no-one to talk to and how it is affecting other areas of her life.

Bedford Assistant Headteacher and Head of Pastoral Care, Bridget Moss, explains:

Students in our Year 7/8 Drama Club made the video to promote Anti-Bullying Week and to make young people think about what they do and say online. The theme of Anti-Bullying Week is ‘make a noise about bullying’ so we wanted to involve as many students as possible, so Year 8 spelled out the words ‘You’re Not Alone’ as the central message. This film is for any young person who can relate to the situations or characters in it, so while it’s made by and for Bedford students, there is a message for everyone.

The story also focuses on the different forms that bullying can take from physical intimida-tion through to cyber-bullying, texting and social media. The film was shot and edited by the students over a week. The star role in I Am Holly is played by 11 year-old drama fan Kara Mitchell.


I wanted to be involved because this is really what some people have to go through. They shouldn’t have to. They are not alone at Bedford. We will stand together against bullying.


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