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The best billboard in the world

The best billboard in the world

We often talk about the importance of “negative space” in art direction. Well, how’s this for negative space?

This anti-billboard stands at a Canada-US border crossing near Blaine, Washington. Called “Non-Sign II”, it’s a sculpture by Seattle’s Lead Pencil Studio that was commissioned by the United States government.

I can’t imagine a better message about the value of clean air than the whole lot of nothing that is this frighteningly-framed emptiness. Or as the studio put it,

“Borrowing the effectiveness of billboards to redirect attention away from the landscape… this permanently open aperture between nations works to frame nothing more than a clear view of the changing atmospheric conditions beyond.”

Okay. I guess that’s why they communicate visually. And they do that with deadly simplicity.





United States General Services Administration
Lead Pencil Studio

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