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The Big Wild QR codes

The Big Wild QR codes


A few posts ago we saw the use of QR codes in a campaign from Greenpeace. The campaign in this post is from Canada done by The Big Wild, a collaboration by the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).
The Big Wild is a conservation movement that makes it easy for Canadians to stand up for wilderness protection campaigns.

They posted outdoor ads in seven Canadian cities, hoping to entice smartphone owners to scan the image and access one of the mobile-friendly petition pages.
The outdoor ads uses a QR code, or 2-D barcode. These codes can be read by cameras on smartphones. They can store text information, SMS messages or a URL for a website.

Darren Barefoot, program manager for The Big Wild, explains the use of QR codes in this video:

The Big Wild is the first Canadian environmental organization which use a QR code in a campaign. Aim is to build an online and offline buzz that will prompt people to sign a mobile-friendly petition aimed at saving British Columbia’s Flathead River Valley. Scanners in Eastern Canada will be served up a petition in support of the Restigouche watershed in New Brunswick.

Darren Barefoot:  “We’re always looking for new strategies and approaches to get people’s attention. We wanted to try out a campaign with these QR codes and add an element of mystery. The idea was that we would entice and intrigue people. The people who might scan the codes are technologically minded, so they would know about the code and know what to do with it.”



Two print ad examples:



Example of the mobile-friendly web-page where visitors are directed after they scan the QR code:


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