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The Celebrity “Talking Heads” Video Goes Meta

The Celebrity “Talking Heads” Video Goes Meta

The Save The Day political action committee (PAC), a non-candidate-affiliated political group in the United States, has recruited director Joss Whedon and a “shit-ton of famous people” to encourage left-leaning Americans to register to vote to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Others have written about the celebrities (and non-celebrities) featured here. It’s a veritable who’s-who of Activist Hollywood.

What surprised me was the video’s self-awareness. As I’ve written before, what I call the “talking heads celebrity PSA” (nothing to do with the band) is an activism cliché. But soon into this video we have an amusingly post-modern explanation of why the video will be effective:

Save The Day Vote


And they go on and on about it! Then the lesser-known celebrities identify themselves humbly as people you’ve “seen… somewhere.” Then they add in a woman who identifies herself as “a not famous person.”

I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon, and I was satisfied to see him take a tired video concept and infuse it with self-aware irony, while still getting a strong message across. After all, this is the guy who brought us Buffy and Firefly. How could he not give it a twist?

Eligible Americans can take the next step by beginning their voter registration on the campaign site.

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