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The Climate Kid

The Climate Kid

UNICEF just released this video for kids about climate change:

Cute idea that will certainly appeal to the little target market. As Animal NY pointed out, however, it may not be the best way to get the message across, as kids might really like the idea of mutating into something weird. It’s a pretty standard premise in kids’ fantasy books.

My criticism is a little more pedantic. While the video attempts to make kids care about the science of climate change, it’s not good biology. The idea that evolution is something that happens deliberately and rationally as a direct reaction to the needs of each generation of a species is actually an obsolete evolutionary theory that predates Darwin. It’s the ghost of Jean Baptiste Lamarck who believed, for example, that giraffes grew long necks because each generation reached for higher and higher fruit — and passed stretched necks on to their offspring. (Rather than the less “designed” blind and adaptive process of modern evolutionary synthesis.)

Okay, okay. It’s a fun little video. I’ll try not to wreck it for you.


Just don’t show it to Richard Dawkins — it could get messy.


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