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The complexities of human sexual diversity, elegantly explained

The complexities of human sexual diversity, elegantly explained


Dr. Lisa Wade, co-author of Sociological Images (and an e-penpal of mine) shared this excellent video by the Vlogbrothers project, about the complexities of human sexuality:

Amazingly, presenter Hank Green manages to simplify and clarify the difference between biological sex, sexual (or romantic) orientation, self-identified gender, and sexual behaviour with a simple graphic and under four minutes of manic exposition.

The brothers say about their work, “Really, it’s not about anything in particular. Whether we’re talking about our lives, making each other laugh, or trying to get something more important across, people seem to enjoy it.”

I have seen lots of formal PSA campaigns about acceptance of sexual diversity, but I have never seen a message as elegantly convincing as this.

Great work, guys. Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.

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