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The cycle of violence is perhaps the most difficult to break through

The cycle of violence is perhaps the most difficult to break through

This new video from CASE South Africa is about the reality of violence for the children of the Cape flats in Cape Town. Violence is not what they see on TV only, it is the ever-present world the kids live in. An vicious circle almost impossible to break.

This video is about what is happening for a long time and meant for fundraising. The ‘how’ question is not answered in the 30 second spot. There is the texting call-to-action for, and the very informative website. The children are not the audience for this campaign. That should be the people who can help the foundation in any way.

The CASE Foundation (Community Action towards a Safer Environment) have developed a model to break the cycle of violence based on two words: intervention and opportunities. Often used in all kind of behaviour change campaigns but still good to mention here, because they are such important principles.

Mimi Cooper, Creative Director at agency Saatchi & Saatchi:

For the children of the Cape flats area, violence is a daily reality and with this commercial we are hoping to break the cycle and not let it shape their future. Many South Africans have ‘charity fatigue’ and many don’t even realise what a big issue gang and domestic violence is, so we needed to develop a TVC that would raise awareness of the organisation and also get people to donate through a highly powerful message. We essentially needed to put the viewer in the shoes of those affected, the children,” she explains. “Most people are concerned with their children watching violence on TV, but for people in the Cape Flats, violence is real.

Lane Benjamin, founder of CASE:

We need help to keep up the good work of those people living in the Cape Flats area to shape the innocent children’s lives into something more positive. We know we cant stop the crimes but we do want to protect our future leaders and children from letting it shape their future. MEC Dan Plato once said, the area needs targeted, sustained and specialised interventions and with the support of South Africans that is exactly what we will continue to do for our youth in the area.

This TVC was made pro bono by Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa.

Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Beggs
Creative Director: Tyrone Beck, Mimi Cooper, Yvonne Hall
Copywriter: Mimi Cooper
Art Director: Yvonne Hall, Harriet Stockwell
Agency Producer: Chantel Kriel
Client Service: Kim van der Linden
Director: Lee Doig (Let it Rain)
Producer: Sam Kelly (Let it Rain)
Post Production: Jason Matthews, Fran Vervelken, Grant Aerts (Priest) Sound design: Arnold Vermaak (We Love Jam)
Music: Paul Hepker

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