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The Daily Abuse – a newspaper full of children names

The Daily Abuse – a newspaper full of children names

Innocence in Danger is a worldwide movement against child sexual abuse, in particular, the distribution of child pornography through the new media.
They recently launched a new campaign against child abuse: 48 pages of a newspaper filled only with children’s names. The Daily Abuse.
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Everyday 241.095 children are victims of abuse – enough to fill the entire newspaper with all of their names. This idea has been used by the UNESCO founded organisation, Innocence in Danger as an opportunity to educate the public during the International Day on prevention of the Child Abuse in the form of newspaper.
This campaign indicates that child abuse is not just a problem, but an epidemic that penetrates every level of society – regardless of colour, education or religious beliefs.

Katharina, Maximillian, Marie, Alexander, Lucas, Noah, Nicolas, Frank ….


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