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The Denver Water videos

The Denver Water videos

I did a lot of blogposts about the Denver water campaigns made by Sukle Advertising & Design.
“Award winning, humorous, positive approach, recognizable, consistent style, understandable message and above all great artwork” I wrote recently.
The campaigns is already in it’s ninth year. Time to look back.

You can digging through my blog posts (see the list at the bottom of this post). But we have more.

I did an interview with Mike Sukle last week about those nine years.
Mike took the time to give us a good insight from the agency side
Read it here.

I collected all the artwork from previous year I could get and published it on Pinterest on a dedicated Denver Water board.
See it here.

Most of the work is outdoor, ambient and print. Why? Read it here.

Sukle did a few videos and you can see them in this post.

The first is the most famous one: The Running Toilet.







Interview with Mike Sukle about 9 years campaigning for Denver Water.

All posts on Osocio about Denver Water:
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Trees. The official men’s room of summer 2013. (2013)

We made a Pinterest board with a a lot of print ads and photo’s from all Denver Water campaigns made by Sukle.
See it here.

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