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The End of Growth

The End of Growth

Although I don’t have any economic skills, this is on my mind for a long time. And I was surprised to find this video.
A great reflection about what we are doing with our world.

It is about our overheated lifestyle and needs. It is about crossing the limits. About debt and more debt.
It is the economic bubble which is about to burst.
And between the lines it is about inequality, prosperity and poverty.

The video is from Richard Heinberg, accompanying his book The End of Growth. He don’t give a solution, he give an analysis about our current situation with some historic perspective.

Humanity has reached a fundamental turning point in its economic history. The expansionary trajectory of industrial civilization is colliding with non-negotiable natural limits.

I’m not a fan of the used animation, I’m not a fan either of the, North American style, enormous amount of words. But I’m impressed about explaining our problem in 6:30. Simple and clear.
And a great timing, with the economic recession at the front door.


And you know, at Osocio we’re not only interested in causes and problems but also in communication strategies and techniques.
See the video below from Richard Heinberg in which he need almost 30 minutes to make his statement.
I know it is more substantiated. I prefer the animation.


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