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The first-ever browser narrative?

The first-ever browser narrative?

It’s a neat idea, but the story-telling isn’t great.

You just go to the first page, click the arrows, and read the line-by-line story of a woman with chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency as she travels the world looking for proper diagnosis and treatment.

I took the time to go through it, but many people will not. It means clicking through to 29 separate URLs, and reading each fragment in order. The pacing is glacial, and the English translation, I’m afraid, is just not very good. (The Italian reads a little better — with many more phrases to chose from than English equivalents in .com, it’s actually quitet poetic.)

Which brings to mind… can you imagine what a hassle it would be to make corrections to that thing?

But since this appears to be a digital PSA first, I have captured the story in sequence after the break. For Osocio posterity.


The final landing page (with donation info) is here.

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