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The first national HIV Testing campaign in the United States targeting Black MSM

The first national HIV Testing campaign in the United States targeting Black MSM


This campaign was announced a long time ago. It took until December 1 for several reasons to launch.
Imagine that it is a big step for a federal government in the USA to support sex-positive imagery and messages about real black gay/bi men.
According to Better World Advertising, the agency behind the campaign, black gay/bi/downlow men are an under-served and under-represented population in the States.
The campaign is from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). It is a national HIV Testing campaign targeting “Black MSM” (men who have sex with men).

The campaign’s images and messages are featured in ads in national publications and websites, as well as local outdoor, transit and print media in select cities experiencing high levels of HIV infection in African American gay and bisexual men.
A 19-member panel of expert consultants consisting of black gay and bisexual community leaders worked with CDC to develop the campaign. More than 400 black men in five U.S. cities helped refine the messages.
The central information source is the Testing Makes Us Stronger website.

“These men haven’t seen each other represented in HIV campaigns in the past,” said Richard Wolitski, deputy director of the Behavioral and Social Science, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention at the CDC, in August. “I think this campaign is a huge step forward.” [Source: GA Voice]

Testing Makes Us Stronger is a part of Act Against AIDS, CDC’s 5-year, multi-faceted national communication campaign to fight the HIV/AIDS crisis in the United States.

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