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The funniest campaign this year: Africa For Norway

The funniest campaign this year: Africa For Norway


The Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH) is campaigning only once or twice a year. But when they do it’s powerful. They understand how to make a viral.
SAIH is the solidarity organisation of students and academics in Norway. SAIH focuses on education in development cooperation, as well as North/South information and political advocacy in Norway.

Collecting radiators –
Shipping them over there –
Spread some warmth –
Spread some smiles –
Say yes to Radi-Aid.

The newest campaign is funny. Maybe the funniest campaign this year. They use the reversal technique in messaging.
It is done before like the Help Sweden campaign in 2008. SAIH is doing it more powerful by using the well-known clichés known from other aid and fundraising campaigns. Africa is helping Norway. Frostbite kills people too. Spread some warmth, spread some light and spread some smiles in Norway.

SAIH: “If we say Africa, what do you think about? Hunger, poverty, crime or AIDS? No wonder, because in fundraising campaigns and media that’s mainly what you hear about.”

“The truth is that there are many positive developments in African countries, and we want these to become known. We need to change the simplistic explanations of problems in Africa. We need to educate ourselves on the complex issues and get more focus on how western countries have a negative impact on Africa’s development. If we want to address the problems the world is facing we need to do it based on knowledge and respect.”

The Radi-Aid campaign is based on these four demands:
Fundraising should not be based on exploiting stereotypes.
Better information is needed about what is going on in the world, in schools, in TV and media.
Media: Show respect.
Aid must be based on real needs, not “good” intentions.

The video is made in cooperation of Operation Day’s Work. With funding from The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) and The Norwegian Children and Youth Council (LNU).

Campaign website:


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The Africa for Norway campaign is very successful. Lots of views on YouTube. Great buzz on various social media channels. And last night BBW World did an item about it:

Additional credits:
Music: Wathiq Hoosain
Lyrics: Bretton Woods
Video: Ikind Productions

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