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The goggles do nothing

The goggles do nothing

Copyranter previewed this new ad from an upcoming campaign by DrinkAware, an independent, UK-wide charity “supported by voluntary donations from across the drinks industry to equip people with the knowledge they need to make decisions about how much they drink.”


We’ve all heard of “beer goggles”, and the concept that getting drunk and hooking up with someone to whom you would not soberly be attracted is a well-worn cliché. But it’s interesting to see a not-for-profit funded by booze companies come right out and say it.

What is even more interesting is that apparently this even less-PC version (pdf) ran in the spring:


According to Bryony Gordon of the Daily Mail, “What it means by a moose is an unattractive woman. When I was a teenager this was the very worst thing that a boy could call you. And when Tom Smith did just that after I refused to – how do I put this delicately? – go past first base with him, I took to my room and cried for three days.”

She continues:

“Oddly enough, my outrage isn’t rooted in any sense of objection to the sexist, misogynistic, offensive – oh I could go on – use of the word moose. In a way there’s something oddly refreshing about its political incorrectness. My problem with the moose poster is that it’s just really rubbish.

In this campaign, DrinkAware has failed to realise that the whole reason young people get blind drunk is to pull indiscriminately – a moose, an elk, a reindeer… anything at all, really. When you are young, you drink to get drunk and you get drunk to get laid. There is no other way.

I can picture a group of 19-year-old boys sitting there with their WKD or Baby Bio or whatever it is they drink nowadays. And I bet you a game on a golf machine that they’d spot the poster, go “har, har, it says moose”, and then order another one.

Patronising, pointless, puerile… You – I – rather suspect that this campaign was dreamt up by some advertising executives in skinny jeans who drink vodka martinis in the bars of five-star boutique hotels.”

As a regular-jeans-wearing adman who drinks beer in pubs, I ask you: is the new “light beer goggles” version any better?

The rest of the campaign after the jump. It’s not all that exciting.

The rest of the print/poster campaign is posted on Brand Republic:







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