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The Graphic Imperative

The Graphic Imperative


Russia 2000; Coexistence; Yuri Surkov. “We are all different, but together compose one whole ‘Coexistence’, which has three religions peacefully living next to each other, in one word!” This poster was designed for the Israeli Museum on the Seam. The museum advocates the ending of the war, and encourages people to make agreements, and be more tolerant.

Andre from Creative Aid sent this great link (thanks). It’s the website belonging to the exhibition about International posters for peace, social justice & the environment 1965-2005.
The exhibition gives a great sample about graphic design from all over the world, from many political views and spirits of the last four decades.
The exhibition is touring in the U.S. and I hope it comes to western-europe soon.

To the exhibition


Germany 2001; Clon 1; Jianping He. One of two posters designed on the topic of “cloning” and created for the seminar “Humans and Science” organized by students attending the Berlin University of the Arts in 2001. Photography: Jianping He


Cuba 1972; Lipstick; José Gómez Fresquet. The Women’s Graphics Collective reprinted this poster. The poster is part of a series called Burgeses (“The Bourgeois”) created in the early 1970s (approximately 1970 to 1973) as a limited edition art print series. The message is the jarring interplay between the realities of the two women.

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