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The Gray Haven

The Gray Haven


It’s always hard for a new organization with a small budget to get the word out about their cause, so the folks at The Gray Haven Project have taken an interestingly minimalist approach. They’ve created these grayscale stickers which they are giving away for free. They’re hoping to create a recognizable symbol to represent their effort to raise awareness (and bring an end to) human trafficking. In their words…

“A Haven is a ‘safe place’, but a safe place from what and for who? How could it be a safe place for anyone regardless of anything they believe or have experienced? But, take two opposite colors, black and white. They are completely different. But, what happens when you take the two and mix them together? The mixture creates the color gray. It was perfect and it was the creation of a safe place for anyone to dream again, to smile again, to live without fear and to see through a lens of hope. The dream was born.”

The Richmond, Virginia based group is new and small, but bursting with energy about a topic that definitely does not get enough attention. If you’d like to help spread the word you can get your own WhiteGray&Black campaign stickers by signing up HERE.

The Gray Haven

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