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The Great Warming

The Great Warming

What Al Gore is doing on the Global Warming issue is amazing. Many environmental groups are in to this for decades. But what Al Gore did is a real break-trough. We in Europe have noticed that the last few months where An Inconvenient Truth is on tour.

Now there is a new film about the global warming issue: The Great Warming. That sounds like An Inconvenient Truth is doing Hollywood.
Promotion for the film is done by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves.

What makes this movie different from An Inconvenient Truth is that its target audience is Evangelical Christians. Noah from ALR pointed me to this article.

‘The movie has been previewed in more than 220 churches in recent weeks, and last Friday opened in Regal Cinema theaters in 34 cities. Ads are being run on Christian radio and in church bulletins, and Evangelical leaders have provided the film’s website with Bible study and discussion guides.
“We pray everyone will see ‘The Great Warming,’ ” says the Rev. Paul de Vries, president of New York Divinity School, who prepared the materials. “Science has given us an extraordinary wake-up call, but scriptural teaching gives us direction to be responsible for God’s world.” ‘

I think this will be a important thing, many American Christians are Republican party voters. Besides the foreign policy this will be a important issue at the coming elections in the U.S.
See the documentary about this below:

The Great Warming

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