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The Masked Rider is back

The Masked Rider is back

A good cause, advertising people and cycling. I love them all. So do the Red Pencils. It is a initiative from San Francisco-based freelance art director Keith Gibson.

In June, twenty-one committed Red Pencil riders will embark on a 7-day, 545-mile bicycle journey to Los Angeles.

They ride to help rid the world of the scourge of AIDS. They ride for all those we’ve lost, and all who will be lost before a cure is found. They ride because while advertising gets a bad rap, in truth the industry is filled with compassionate, caring people who really want to give back and do some good in the world. Red Pencils was formed to channel those energies. And they ride because they have nice bikes, like to go fast, and look really good in spandex.
Unfortunately I don’t live in the US otherwise I would ride with them 🙂

The Red Pencils goal is to raise $75.000. Help the Pencils and donate here.

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