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The MegaMouth live and loud on London’s streets

The MegaMouth live and loud on London’s streets

Last week from 23 to 28 March, The MegaMouth was shouting live and loud in the streets of London. The MegaMouth is a consumer generated bonafide hero. The MegaMouth was traipsing the streets of London with a megaphone, shouting submitted slogans to get people to come to the G20 Put People First rally.

On 2 April in London, the G20 has the opportunity to make wide-reaching reforms to the world financial system. The question is: are they willing to make the right decisions? World leaders can either paper over the cracks, or live up to their promises to tackle the underlying structures that cause global poverty.

The Put People First rally on 28 March asked the G20 to make the right choices, particularly for the fair distribution of wealth, decent jobs for all and a low carbon future.

See highlights of the MegaMouth shouts in these 40 video’s.



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