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The Message In The Bottle

The Message In The Bottle

Like many causes the issue of responsible drinking is a complex one when speaking about campaigning. Who is the target audience, who is responsible, what is the most effective way bringing the message?

The Message In The Bottle is a video series about the issues around responsible choices (or a lack there of) with alcohol. Irresponsible drinking is the #1 cause of preventable death among Canadian youth. After decades of responsible drinking programs, why are students still not getting the message? Who is trying to get the message out, and how can it be more effective? Who takes responsibility for solving this societal issue?


This site is an initiative to open the dialogue to all people around the issue of responsible drinking. Before this site was created, all decisions around how the responsible drinking (RD) message was delivered were made behind closed doors.
The Message In The Bottle tries to collect the questions and answers in a social media way.


Stakeholders in this project: ARC Institute, MolsonCoors, The Student Life Education Company, Bristol, OPP and Arrive Alive DRIVE SOBER.

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