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The most frightening question to cancer: when?

The most frightening question to cancer: when?

More than 11 million views and it is almost impossible that you haven’t seen this video of Belgian singer Stromae. Check it out above if not.

This terrifying music video is about one question to cancer: quand c’est? When it is? literally. About the fear that the disease will come one day.
And that ‘Quand c’est’ sounds like cancer is a wonderful find.

Stromae made an artwork about the disease. That doesn’t mean the video is a good example for cancer awareness and hope for the future. In many cases cancer isn’t an invincible enemy. The cure rates are getting more positive every year. Stromae shows the fearful and dark side. From this perspective, the video is above all interesting for doctors and aid workers. It is not about cancer but about the psychological factors.

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