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That one major difference between the whale and the human race

That one major difference between the whale and the human race

This gorgeous video isn’t a cause video but actually a short nature film made by Aquawork, an underwater project from cameraman Rafa Herrero Massieu. Nevertheless the author has a clear message.

Rafa followed World Depth Championship 2015 silver medallist Miguel Lozano during his dive nearby the Canary Islands. Their goal was spotting Pilot whales. These whales live in family groups of several individuals led by a matriarch. They have a complex social structure which is similar to that of the human race and which puts them at the top of the evolutionary ladder in the ocean.


They maintain lifelong family and friendship bonds which are strengthened by the long periods spent on the surface, an intense social agenda and a life expectancy of 60-70 years. For us who call ourselves human beings, it is a great responsibility to protect not only their survival but also their welfare.

The cameraman is right but he does an even stronger statement at the end of the video when he is talking about that one major difference between the whale and the human race: Whales don’t know the concept of cruelty.

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