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The po-po want you to “lock it or lose it”!

The po-po want you to “lock it or lose it”!

Around the holidays, shoppers are particularly vulnerable to parking lot thefts. Everyone has heard a story about a friend or family member who accidently left an unlocked car in a mall parking lot and returned to find their electronics or shopping stolen!

This holiday, the Waterloo Regional Police Service expanded on the OPP’s existing “Lock it or Lose It” safety campaign with this cheery video. It’s almost supernaturally cheery!


What the media release describes as “a timely and musical reminder to safeguard cars and valuables during the holiday season”, is actually quite cheeky with the lyrics.

Just hear those windows smashing and dashboards cracking yoo hoo (yoo hoo)!
Outside there’s someone waiting to make a victim of youuuu!
They stole your GPS, your phone, and presents too.
It could have been avoided, but you left your stuff in plain view!
Giddy up giddy up giddy up, let’s go. They call the Po-Po (5-0!).
Where your stuff will end up, we’ll never knooooow.
Giddy up giddy up giddy up, too bad. It’s gone and you’re sad!


A bit victim-blamey? I’m sure the good officers at the Waterloo Po-Po will make an attempt to find your “stuff” whether you locked your car or left something expensive-looking on the seat or not.

Police Chief Matt Torigian notes a need for increased awareness of this type of crime: “The statistics hit an all-time high this year with more than 400 incidents occurring in Waterloo Region throughout the month of July alone.”

Edited to correct the credits for the RIGHT Po-Po!

Not mentioned in the media release is the fact that “unique holiday video” was produced by the creatively-minded po-po in Victoria, Texas last holiday. Cambridge Times reports: “Victoria police reported a 51 per cent drop in thefts, indicating the humourous tactic was more successful than traditional lock it or lose it campaigns.” Ah Texas, that explains the bouffants!


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