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The power of knowing

The power of knowing





Four ads made for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the most progressive broadsheet in the Philippines, it is the only publication that tackles social issues and presents it to the public.

The ads are made by Dan Matutina from Idea!s, a nonstock nonprofit communications/design shop for nonprofits and development organizations.

This is what Dan wrote about the ads made for the Philippine Daily Inquirer:
The Power of Knowing campaign I did for the Philippine Daily Inquirer was targeted to the indifferent citizens in our country. It was meant to encourage them to act for themselves and break the status quo. The ads used the imagery of puppets and “controlled” toys to drive it’s point. By having the Power of Knowing (by reading the Inquirer) you realize that sometihing has to be done, change has to occur in each and every one of us.

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