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The Power of Planting Trees (and Storytelling)

The Power of Planting Trees (and Storytelling)

This isn’t a striking video at first sight. Nevertheless, this video about tree planting has some stunningly strong communication items.

Louisville Metro Council Member Cheri Bryant Hamilton tells us in simple terms why planting trees is so important. Especially in neighborhoods with high poverty. Because it is an energy and a health issue. The neighbourhood she is working for the people are concerned about survival. Trees reduce the temperature in the city, they save lives.

The video shows also contribution by many volunteers. Local people who take matters into their own hands in this helped by The Nature Conservancy.

Cheri Bryant Hamilton:

We are trying to make positive change in this community one block at a time.

The video is one of the finest examples of storytelling with complex issues told in short and bright sentences. It doesn’t look like an PSA from a charity. But in fact it is. Maybe it’s the influence of the music. Perhaps it is also the influence of the relaxing music.

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