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The rise and fail of Julyna advertising

The rise and fail of Julyna advertising


We’ve been writing about Julyna, a group of Toronto women’s answer to Movember, since it began in 2011. It’s a movement to raise awareness and funds for cervical cancer by growing their pubic hair and waxing it into whimsical designs. So obviously, it gets a lot of attention.

But the most interesting thing, for me, has been watching how much fun ad creatives have when they have a free reign to talk about women’s pubic areas.

First, Cossette Toronto came up with eye-catching short-and-curly typography:


Then, this year, it was the clever and evocative pubic hairdresser:


And now? Months after the fact, these posters have suddenly gone viral:



The first one makes sense, and is festive. The second one is both counterproductive (unless it’s implying the women all shave it off at the end of the month?) and unoriginal.

Ads of the World commenter “Spanky” was nice enough to provide examples:




And I’ll add another:

Do you ever feel “not so fresh”? There are probably more.

In my opinion, the Cossette Art Director pushed the “baldie” execution because she really liked the idea. (Or perhaps it came from her male CDs.) But considering how “done” it was, was this a worthwhile pursuit?

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