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The silent protest that moved millions

The silent protest that moved millions

In 2007 7.4 million people live in Israel. One million of them live in hunger. Their voices will never heard.
Two weeks before new years eve a silent protest was made with 10.000 human-like cardboard figures that were placed at main square in Tel Aviv, Rabin Square, the most important protest place in Israel.
The cardboard figures shows the text:
“One million hunger in silence. Donate a meal by SMS or go online at”.

This guerilla campaign was made by Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Young & Rubicam, Tel Aviv and reached record numbers:
Latet received 13.634.57 Israeli Shekels (4 million $).
In three days of protest over 5 million people were reached: 500.000 physically, 1.1 million via newspapers and 3.5 million by TV and internet.


Latet Humanitarian Aid Organisation
Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Young & Rubicam, Tel Aviv
Additional credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Gideon Amichay
Creative Director: Tzur Golan
Group Creative Director: Yariv Twig
Copywriter: Eyal Padan
Art Director: Shirley Bahar
Account Director: Michal Green
Account Executive: Chani Maslow
Strategy Director: Noam Manella
Agency Producer: Sigal Nugassy
Production Company, City: Og Productions
Director: Regev Cuntas
Music title & Artist: “It’s a Mad World” – Naama

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