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The Singing Mammogram

The Singing Mammogram

The Singing Mammogram

World’s largest breast cancer organisation Susan G. Komen started breast cancer awareness month with a campaign entitled The Singing Mammogram. The organization is not known as the most progressive and that is also reflected in the campaign video. For such a large organization, a campaign must be easily accessible. And there are plenty of other bold campaigns.

A 1950’s-style Doo-Wop group sings about the importance of “protecting your pair” and to “celebrate your breasts with this reminder to get a test.”

Kim Getty from agency Deutsch LA: “Breast cancer is a disease that has affected too many people we love, both within our Deutsch LA family and beyond. We knew we wanted to create something that was both shareable and entertaining, and use levity to motivate women rather than doom and gloom.”

The Singing Mammogram can be found at Komen hopes women across the USA will take action both in scheduling an appointment and sharing the video; the organization’s goal is to reach one million shares and likes.

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Production Company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Rick LeMoine
Director of Photography: Kris Kachikis
CEO: Robert Fernandez
Executive Producer: Karol Zeno
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Editorial: Arcade Edit
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Music: Human

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