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The sound of climate change from the Amazon to the Arctic

The sound of climate change from the Amazon to the Arctic

In the summer of 2013 I posted an video about an interesting project. It was a completely different approach to visualize global warming: with a Cello.

The same people now made ‘Planetary Bands, Warming World’. The co-creators, University of Minnesota undergraduate Daniel Crawford and geography professor Scott St. George, composed a piece to highlight the places where climate is changing most rapidly.

Daniel Crawford:

“Each instrument represents a specific part of the Northern Hemisphere. The cello matches the temperature of the equatorial zone. The viola tracks the mid latitudes. The two violins separately follow temperatures in the high latitudes and in the arctic.” The pitch of each note is tuned to the average annual temperature in each region, so low notes represent cold years and high notes represent warm years.

Crawford and St. George decided to focus on northern latitudes to highlight the exceptional rate of change in the Arctic. St. George says the duo plans to write music representing the southern half of the planet, too, but haven’t done so yet.

Performance is done by students Julian Maddox, Jason Shu, Alastair Witherspoon and Nygel Witherspoon from the University of Minnesota’s School of Music.
Video production by Mighteor.

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