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The stick-skinny is Out, Plus-Size is In.

The stick-skinny is Out, Plus-Size is In.

“Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today, she weighs 23% less…” What is wrong with our bodies?
Answer is nothing! The models got more skinny!
And how it really looks like when the two worlds meet, shows us “Plus Model Magazine” and breaks the taboo: a nude plus-size model posing alongside a skinny ‘straight-size’ model. For the U.S. magazine posed beside the real beauty Katya Zharkova a lady, whose proportions are quite typical model. The visual differences are enormous and get extra support by shocking statistical data.


“If we continue to ignore and rely on others to decide what we want to see,  change will never happen. We have to be vocal and proactive, patient and realistic.” said Editor-In-Chief of Plus Model Magazine , Madeline Figueroa-Jones
Here are the facts:
– Twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average woman. Today, she weighs 23% less.
– Ten years ago plus-size models averaged between size 12 and 18. Today the need for size diversity within the plus-size modeling industry continues to be questioned.
The majority of plus-size models on agency boards are between a size 6 and 14, while the customers continue to express their dissatisfaction.
– Most runway models meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia.
– 50% of women wear a size 14 or larger, but most standard clothing outlets cater to sizes 14 or smaller.

You can read ( and see ) more about this here

I personally think, men would welcome more flesh on women. The media often presents zero model size as the ideal image of beauty for women. When I look the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models … well, .. don´t get me wrong, but, hey, some of them look healthy to me! But not to forget, not every skinny person is healthy and curvy doesn’t mean fat! Definitely a big problem still lies in the high fashion world. Celery-and-cigarettes female models will likely never go out of fashion but at least we may try time to time to remind people that for example average U.S. woman is considered to be a size 14, and some 41 percent of them are a larger size. I wish we could just say, “That Woman is beautiful” and do not always comment about too much breasts or too much butt.



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