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The story about too much stuff

The story about too much stuff

Remember Annie Leonard telling the Story of Stuff in 2007? For those who can’t remember: it was the famous movie about the materials economy, the fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. A story about the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues all connected to the things around us.

It was a great movie when in 2007 but now we are eight years later providing new ideas. Like the idea that owning things is not a matter of course. I’m not sure if this is the idea behind this new film from Dutch artist Dave Hakkens. Unknowingly it will have played a part I think.

Dave did what he wanted to do earlier, getting rid of the useless stuff in his life. He made a project of it with the script below as starting point. He asks those who also follow the same idea to make a photo and share it on the project page.


People are made to be loved,
things are made to be used.
In or world people are being used
and products are being loved.

‘Getting rid of things’ is something I am working on lately. Why would you keep a closet full of books you don’t read anymore? Therefore I have brought them to a mini library recently. Giving it to a thrift store or charity is also a possibility which make it a fundraising alternative in the current sharing economy years.

h/t @sanderhermsen

The story about too much stuff

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