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The strangest celebrity PSA you will see today

The strangest celebrity PSA you will see today

And it’s courtesy of English comic actor Russel Brand, who gave this completely off-the-cuff endorsement for the UK’s CoppaFeel at one of their events.

While many celebrity PSA and fundraising endorsements are either perfunctory of overwrought, this one smacks of authenticity. Brand tosses around the obvious sexual connotations about breast self-examination without being creepy (even though he is married to a performer know for her chest assets) and brings his breast cancer survivor mum into it with a mix of love and sarcasm.

Begun by a woman who survived a late breast cancer diagnosis in her early 20s, CoppaFeel is focussed on getting young women to familiarize themselves with what their normal breast tissue should feel like, so that they can get diagnosed earlier. They do it with through mix of irreverent humour and saucy activism.

What I like about it is that it is an organization by young women for young women (and men) that doesn’t seem to be exploiting anyone. Whether you are bothered by all of their “booby” talk or not, that’s the kind of authentic activist voice we need more of.


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