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The third option in the gun debate is just funny

The third option in the gun debate is just funny

Evolve: The third option in the gun debate is just funny

The American gun debate is one that I will never understand as European. ‘Gun ownership is prohibited unless’ it is what we believe in. The American debate is rather defensive. A conversation that has been gridlocked for decades.

Evolve, the gun responsibility organization, brings a new option to force an opening. They are promoting responsible choices about gun safety behaviors in America. That’s why they launched their first ad campaign.

The campaign – based on the line “It’s the right to bear arms, not the right to be a dumbass” – highlights a number of outrageous examples of careless gun use. They ask gun owners to take action and to sign their code. In order to capture that they are not a dumbass.

The funny video portrays Thomas Jefferson and other political leaders and statesmen debating the language of the Second Amendment. After a heated debate, the group decides to remove a crucial “as long as you’re not a dumbass about it” caveat to the amendment.

Rebecca Bond, Co-Founder of Evolve: “Safety is not a side. Gun owners and non-gun owners live with guns in this country, and we should all be able to have a collaborative conversation about how to think about gun safety. Humor can be a gateway to taking away the defensiveness that is the legacy of these discussions.  We hope to put this conversation on the kitchen table and start talking about it.”

The campaign is indeed funny. But is still based on ‘Gun ownership is permitted unless’. And then I quit.

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