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The travel agency that should never exist #AbortionTravel

The travel agency that should never exist #AbortionTravel


CELEM, the Spanish branch of The European Women’s Lobby,worked with DDB to create a pro-choice campaign that involved setting up a bricks-and-mortar travel agency (and web site) that demonstrated what would happen if a more restrictive anti-abortion law passed.


AbortionTravel, the travel agency that should never exist from DDB España on Vimeo.

The current law allows unrestricted access to abortion during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, with an extension to 22 weeks in cases of “serious risks to life or health of the mother or fetus.” Last year, the government of prime minister Mariano Rajoy, under the pressure from the Catholic Church, started to work to increase restrictions on abortion even further, making abortion completely illegal “except in the case of rape or if there is a serious risk to the mother’s health.”

While the DDB promotional video claims victory (and the campaign did win 5 Cannes Lions  in Outdoor, PR and Direct) the current state of reproductive rights for Spanish women is hardly great. According to the Irish Times, the revised bill has yet to be introduced, and even then the only question is whether abortion will be allowed “if the foetus has some form of deformation.” All others will still be illegal, then?

In other words, no matter what the short-term legislative outcome, Abortion Travel could actually be a very successful real-life business in Spain.

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