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The trick with banknotes still works

The trick with banknotes still works

It’s an old trick but it still appears to work. The trick with banknotes on the street, with a message on the back.

Here it is an anti-littering campaign done in Beirut Lebanon by a group of graphic design students. They call themselves Metel Ma Shelta (Just as You Picked it Up).

The text on the banknote: “Just as you picked this up… you can pick up litter from the streets”

Campaigning can be so easy. The Facebook Page of Metel Ma Shelta already have over 2,800 likes and is shared many times.

This is their statement:

As we were strolling around the beautiful streets of Hamra, we witness a man pulling his arm outside the window of his car to throw a tissue paper. What upset us the most was that this was happening across Lebanon and we weren’t able to do anything about it.
We, as graphic designers decided to use what we’re best at (our witty minds and shiny tools) to visually express our frustration regarding the littering issue in Lebanon.
Since people nowadays are immune to flyers, we thought of creating something irresistible that no one can overlook. Mmmm, so what can be irresistible to every individual on this planet…That’s when it hit us like a lightning bolt!


Hat tip to @daniabdeir

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